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Hope Is Here to Stay

February 24, 2011

As a parent of four children, two who received HOPE in college and two currently in high school, I’ve seen firsthand the impact the HOPE scholarship program has on Georgia families. For some, it’s the catalyst that propels them to work harder in high school and graduate with higher academic achievement.  For others, it makes a college education financially affordable. HOPE is currently at a crossroads due to the program’s popularity outpacing lottery revenues. The nearer-term struggling economy and farther-term changing workforce demands have driven record college enrollments in recent years. Georgia’s 35 universities and colleges enrolled six percent more students in 2010. Program costs will surpass lottery revenues this year, dipping into the reserves $300 million.  Without changes, “checks” for future scholarships will bounce. As the Speaker Pro Tem of the House, parents often ask me this very real question: Will HOPE be around for my kids? The answer is a resounding Yes. Our goal is simple: to preserve...READ MORE