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Making Georgia more attractive for businesses to expand jobs or locate here dominated the state legislature’s agenda during the recently concluded session. We walked into the Capital each day committed to give confidence to the jobs creators that Georgia is open for business.  We strengthened the underpinnings of a healthy business climate through legislation and budget decisions that foster workforce-ready citizens, plentiful water and energy, cash for small businesses to expand, increased freight infrastructure and low taxes. At a time when Washington D.C. has fostered economic uncertainty among citizens and businesses, we chose a decidedly different path. Without fanfare, we acted with the calm conviction that creating jobs through a strong business environment beats “stimulus” checks or government programs in moving Georgians towards prosperity. First, we made sure the state lived within its means with no increased taxes. The state budget is 14 percent smaller than last year’s. Our unwavering message to businesses considering expansion or relocation is that Georgia stands...READ MORE
Intelligence, drive, purpose fuel Jones’ rise to top echelon by Hatcher Hurd January 24, 2011 MILTON – As Jan Jones begins her fifth term in the state House of Representatives and second as speaker pro tempore, this businesswoman and mother of four has made a remarkably quick rise from community advocate to the fourth-highest elected position in the state. Jones has made it her mission to steer her North Fulton community out of the clutches from what she saw as an uncaring at worst and incompetent county government based in Atlanta, which paid little heed to the needs and wishes of constituents so far removed. She stood out to others as a leader in Milton. Karen Thurman, another community activist now serving on the Milton City Council, said Jones always impressed her as straightforward and businesslike. “She always went in a direction because she thought it was the right thing to do, not because it might be the politically right...READ MORE