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HR 1162 Q&A

February 23, 2012

House Resolution 1162 Q & A Why does Georgia need a constitutional amendment on public education this year? A 4-3 Georgia Supreme Court decision last May jeopardized Georgia’s ability to establish statewide K-12 public education policy.  Secondarily, the decision also narrowed the state’s general ability to authorize public charter schools. If challenged in court, the decision calls into question whether state government has any meaningful role in public education, except, perhaps, for putting a check in the mail.  State taxpayers cover half the cost of K-12 public education through sales and income taxes. The court decision has placed state taxpayers in the position of taxation without being able to demand accountability from the recipients of state monies. K-12 education accounts for almost half of the state’s $18 billion yearly budget. Without a constitutional amendment, many laws on the books that teachers and parents rely upon could be subject to successful litigation as pointed out in the Supreme Court’s minority opinion, by...READ MORE