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Legislation passed today, HB 797, spelling out how state charter schools will be authorized and funded if a constitutional amendment, HR 1162, is approved in November. The bill, that I authored, and an explanation that I wrote are posted below.
HB 797 – Charter Schools HB 797 spells out how HR 1162 would be implemented if Georgia voters approve the constitutional amendment in November. HB 797 carefully and more narrowly than in the past will provide for additional educational opportunities for Georgia students through state charter schools.  Numerous restrictions not contained in previous law are included. Line 44 Establish a state charter schools commission under the authority of the state board of education. 7 members nominated by the Governor (3), Speaker (2) and Lt. Governor (2) and appointed by the state board. Line 81 Limitations on lobbying of commission members (not in previous law). – Extensive code of ethics and disclosure requirements pertaining to members of commission contained in state law, Chapter 10 of Title 45. Line 93 State board may overrule petitions approved by the commission by a simple majority vote (2/3 vote in previous law). Lines 98-142 Duties and authorities of commission, including assuring best practices and high...READ MORE
House Bill 990 received final passage yesterday and is headed to Governor Deal’s desk.  I authored the legislation to wrap up outstanding items between Fulton County and Milton, Johns Creek and Sandy Springs. Sen. John Albers carried the bill in the Senate. The bill assures transfer of 42-acre Providence Park to Milton upon completed remediation of a limited hazardous waste site (oil barrel leakage into soil and water).  It transfers approximately $100,000 to each of Milton and Johns Creek and resulting from prior taxes owed when the areas were unincorporated. And finally, the legislation facilitates the transfer of eight cell tower contracts to the new cities.  The towers are located on fire station and park properties in Milton (1), Johns Creek (3), Sandy Springs (5).  Within five years and after all contract renewals, the total revenue to the cities will be about $250,000.
Project:  North Fulton Satellite Campus Project Type:  Renovation Total Square Footage:  259,136 Number of Student Served:  10,000 to 12,000 individuals annually at full capacity in credit programs, adult education, and continuing education with business and industry training Project Description:  Acquiring an existing facility and renovation with LEED EB Certification Projected Programming: Adult Education General Education Early Childhood Education Computer Information Systems Technology Business Sciences Logistics Public Safety Sustainable Technologies (HVAC, Solar, etc.) Criminal Justice Health Sciences Culinary Arts (including general classrooms, large lecture halls, labs, specialized science rooms, administrative and academic areas, faculty offices, stock and equipment rooms, and common areas for students) Justification: ·    Increase in Service Delivery Area (SDA) to include North Futon (land area north of I-285) ·    One main campus and no satellite campuses in which to serve over 1M residents of Georgia ·    Service to nearly 23,000 people in FY10 through three educational delivery systems – adult education, credit, and continuing education ·    Major increase...READ MORE