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Georgia Charter School Referendum Information August 2012 – The constitutional amendment on the November ballot would provide Georgia with the same ability to authorize state charter schools that it had exercised for the previous 11 years. The Georgia Supreme Court sharply limited that ability and jeopardized it going forward in a 4-3 decision in 2011. – 32 other states allow alternate authorizers of charter schools, including state boards and commissions. States that do not allow an alternate authorizer have the fewest public charter schools because school systems are generally more resistant to opening them. – The state authorizes and holds accountable state charter schools, but it does not run them.  An individual non-profit organization located in a community and generally comprised of parents, teachers and civic leaders enter into a “charter” with the state – a binding contract – and governs a school, as the contract requires. Similarly, Georgia has a long history of providing services funded and overseen by...READ MORE