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2013 Legislative Preview

January 29, 2013

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Thank you for the privilege to represent your interests in the Georgia General Assembly. It is a tremendous responsibility that I take seriously. I was re-elected as Speaker Pro Tem on the first day of session by my colleagues from across the state. This position, the second highest ranking in the House, gives me greater ability to assure your state government works for you. I will continue to do so gratefully and with the utmost attention to your concerns. The 2013 legislative session kicked off to a productive start. As we move forward into this term, there are a number of items that I want you to know about. Cutting Fulton County down to size remains a priority for me. As you may know, Fulton taxes and spends substantially more per resident than other metro counties.  Its annual per capita tax revenues and expenditures are more than double those of Cobb and Gwinnett counties even after...READ MORE
Deal: Focus on foundations that strengthen Georgia Lt. Governor Cagle, Speaker Ralston, President Pro Tem Shafer, Speaker Pro Tem Jones, Members of the General Assembly, Members of the Judiciary, my fellow Georgians: To the Members of the General Assembly, congratulations on your election. To the new members of the House and Senate, welcome! You are now part of one of the greatest and most successful experiments in the history of mankind, the process of self-governance, whereby free people entrust to us the responsibility of preserving their freedoms. We do so if we confine our actions to those things which our constituents cannot do for themselves. Our constitution defines some of the things we shall do, as well as some of the things we shall not do. Between those goal posts of shall and shall not lies the field on which we play. It is not a Field of Dreams but a Field of Law. Like spectators in the stands of...READ MORE
Deal: ‘Free’ health care will cause a crunch Members of the Georgia Chamber, Lieutenant Governor Cagle, Speaker Ralston, state legislators, elected officials, judges, justices, ladies and gentlemen: Let me begin by congratulating you. We have had one of the best years of economic development in quite some time. A few notable companies that have chosen Georgia include Baxter, General Motors, and Caterpillar, along with numerous others. We did this with your help, with both the private and the public sector doing their parts! Several weeks ago, the lieutenant governor, along with Sandra and I hosted a reception at the Governor’s Mansion to honor Georgia’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes who competed at the London Olympic Games. This was an outstanding group of young people of whom we are extremely proud. One of the men in the group was Aries Merritt, a native of Atlanta and a graduate of Wheeler High School in Marietta. Aries won an Olympic Gold Medal in the...READ MORE
PROPOSED NEW RULES OF THE FULTON COUNTY HOUSE DELEGATION ARTICLE I ORGANIZATION Section 1: Membership.  The membership of the Fulton County House Delegation (the “Delegation”) in the Georgia House of Representatives shall consist of the duly elected Representatives whose geographic districts contain any portion of Fulton County, Georgia. Section 2: Officers.  The Officers of the Delegation shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary, who shall be elected by roll call vote from the membership at the organizational meeting. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Delegation. The Chairman shall sign the certification that legislation has been considered in conformity with the rules of the Fulton County House Delegation.  The Vice-Chairman shall preside at all duly called meetings where the Chairman is not in attendance.  The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Delegation, and serve all notices of the Delegation. Section 3:  Rules of Order.  The Delegation shall be governed by the rules adopted and included herein.  In...READ MORE
PRO TEM ELECTION ACCEPTANCE COMMENTS Thank you for allowing me to serve you as Speaker Pro Tem of the People’s House.  I value your support, friendship and commitment to our great state.  Together, we’ll position Georgia to lead the nation in economic growth, education excellence and job creation. I want to thank the gentleman of the 134th from Columbus, Richard Smith, for his generous words.  And I want to thank the gentle lady of the 170th from Nashville, Penny Houston, for her kind words. I’m grateful to serve by the grace of God; with the support of the good people of the 47th District; and because my family stands by me patiently as your families do for you. I want to thank Kalin and our four children, including Kalin and Peyton who are here today. I’m also grateful to this body for its good judgment in electing David Ralston as Speaker.  Georgia is the beneficiary, and I’m honored to serve this...READ MORE