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2015 Top 40 Bills

April 29, 2015

The following legislation passed the Georgia General Assembly during the 2015 legislative session: HB 76 – 2016 Budget The Fiscal Year 2016 budget effective for state spending beginning July 1, 2015, is set by a revenue estimate of $21.8 billion. This reflects an increase of $992 million, or 4.7%, over the original Fiscal Year 2015 budget. Budgeting priorities include enhanced funding for transportation, maintaining State Health Benefit Plan coverage for non-certificated school employees, full funding for Equalization grants for low-property tax wealth public schools, salary adjustments for critical positions in state agencies, support for rural hospitals and provider rate adjustments for doctors that serve Medicaid patients. K-12 education received an infusion of $574.7 million, or 58% of all new revenue.  It provides $165.1 million to fully fund Quality Basic Education (QBE) enrollment growth of 1.33% as well as training and experience for teachers, charter system grants and State Commission Charter School supplements.  The bill also includes an adjustment in Local...READ MORE