Monthly Archives: June 2017

Note:  The following editorial written by Rep. Jones appeared in the Milton Herald on June 21.  It has been updated to reflect more recent information about this changing issue. I want to make it clear to north Fulton residents that all hands are on deck to address skyrocketing property tax reassessments and the prospect of (even more) unaffordable property taxes. Real solutions may take awhile to fully sort out to the recent massive property tax reassessments. That’s small solace to a family raising children and paying the bills or a retiree wishing to remain in the community. Like many of you, I was aghast when I opened my reassessment notice from the Fulton County Board of Assessors (BOA).  Shortly thereafter, I realized what I’d thought was merely my problem was a debacle for good, hardworking and retired taxpayers throughout Fulton. No one in their right mind would believe one-quarter of Fulton County parcels could have 50 percent or higher justifiable...READ MORE