Monthly Archives: March 2020

Today, the House passed HB 793, the budget for Fiscal Year 2021. This budget will fund the government for one year starting July 1st. Here are some highlights that will help all Georgians throughout our state: Criminal Justice and Public Safety:  Targeted pay raises for the highest turnover positions in criminal justice. Juvenile correctional officers receives a 4% pay increase to combat the 95% turnover rate within the Department of Juvenile Justice. Within the Department of Corrections, correctional officers will receive a 2% targeted pay raise to combat the 42% turnover rate within the department.  Economic Development: $340,000 to the Department of Agriculture for food safety inspectors and animal industry inspectors to keep up with the growing number of grocery and retail stores, as well as gas stations with food services Education: Education represents 44.3% of the state general funds budget, totaling $10.7 billion. The formula that funds Georgia’s K-12 education is fully funded for the third year in a...READ MORE
HB 792 is the House bill for the amended fiscal year 2020 state budget. Here are some highlights that reflect the House’s support for a fully-functioning criminal justice system, educated students, and healthcare access:  We voted to add $800k to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to hire more scientists and lab technicians to address the current backlog of evidence and process criminal evidence in a timely manner. For the Georgia Department of Agriculture, we voted to provide $280k for food safety and animal industry inspectors to keep Georgia up to speed with growing number of grocery stores. The budget fully funds the K12 education formula for Georgia’s Department of Education’s 1.7 million students. We added $1.5 million for special schools for our hearing and visually impaired students. We added $1.8 million to improve and maintain our state parks for the 11 million annual visitors and 775 employees. We restored $2.6 million in public health grants for counties across Georgia. This...READ MORE