A Message From Jan

Constituent Services receives and answers requests for information about state government and connects citizens with service agencies. Our office prides itself on offering quality constituent services to the residents of District 47. We work hard to be responsive to the numerous inquiries made to our office. You can contact me by phone, fax, letter or e-mail. If writing to my office, please be sure to include your name, address, home phone number and daytime phone number so my staff can obtain additional information from you if necessary.

To assist you, our office has information on many issues such as:

Letters of Recognition [Click here for more information]
Flag requests [Click here for more information]
Speaking engagements for local organizations [Click here for more information]
Capitol Page Program [Click here for more information]
Voter Information [Click here for more information]

Letters of Recognition:

Rep. Jones is happy to send congratulatory letters, commendations or resolutions to residents of District 47 in recognition of special events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, student achievement awards, scouting awards, sports awards for individuals or organizations. Contact Rep. Jones about Letter of Recognition by Email.

Flag Requests:

The flag consists of a square canton on three horizontal bars of equal width. The top and bottom bands are scarlet and the middle band is white. The bottom scarlet band extends the entire length of the flag. The top two bands extend from the canton to the end of the flag. Centered in the square blue canton is a gold representation of the Georgia coat of arms. Directly under the coat of arms are the words "IN GOD WE TRUST" in upper case letters. Thirteen white five-pointed stars circle the coat of arms and the wording symbolizing Georgia and the 12 other states that formed the United States of America.

If interested in a state flag, please contact Rep. Jones’ office at 404-656-5072.

Speaking Engagements for Local Organizations:

Please contact Rep. Jones' office by email, fax (404-657-0498) or telephone call (404-656-5072).

Capitol Page Program

The Page program is a chance for students to get a first hand experience of their state government. As a page, you will work for one legislative day. Every page must be twelve years old or older. The hours vary depending on when you page.

If interested in the page program, please contact Rep. Jones’ office at 404-656-5072.  Each state representative is allowed ten (10) page slots each session.

Availability is limited.