Important legislation for residents of new north Fulton cities

March 28, 2012

House Bill 990 received final passage yesterday and is headed to Governor Deal’s desk.  I authored the legislation to wrap up outstanding items between Fulton County and Milton, Johns Creek and Sandy Springs. Sen. John Albers carried the bill in the Senate.

The bill assures transfer of 42-acre Providence Park to Milton upon completed remediation of a limited hazardous waste site (oil barrel leakage into soil and water).  It transfers approximately $100,000 to each of Milton and Johns Creek and resulting from prior taxes owed when the areas were unincorporated.

And finally, the legislation facilitates the transfer of eight cell tower contracts to the new cities.  The towers are located on fire station and park properties in Milton (1), Johns Creek (3), Sandy Springs (5).  Within five years and after all contract renewals, the total revenue to the cities will be about $250,000.