Lower Taxes:

  • Effective in 2019, the Republican legislative majority dropped the state income tax from 6 percent to 5.75 percent, the first reduction in Georgia history.
  • The Republican legislative majority put a constitutional amendment in place prohibiting the state income tax from ever being raised above 6 percent.
  • Effective in 2019, North Fulton Republican legislators passed homestead exemptions freezing valuations for purposes of school and city property taxes as long as you own your home. Valuations were frozen back to 2017 for existing homeowners. The exemptions took enormous effort and negotiations because House Democratic leadership and most Democrats blocked the effort.
  • In 2007, North Fulton legislators passed a homestead exemption freezing valuations for purposes of county property taxes as long as you own your home.
  • Additionally, small businesses are one of our most valuable job-creating assets. I continue to be committed to relieving Georgia’s small businesses from costly regulations and to providing a low tax structure to support entrepreneurs and employers. 


Safer Communities:

  • I supported Governor Kemp’s initiatives to provide $30,000 in state grants to every public school to make them safer for our most precious assets, our children.
  • I supported Governor Deal’s corrections reform that created drug courts throughout the state and changes in sentencing to keep the dangerous behind bars and provide support to those that will be released to avoid recidivism.


Better Healthcare:

  • Georgia must continue its work to ensure healthcare is more accessible, affordable, and predictable. We are currently working on reducing prescription prices and providing more transparency on prescription pricing. Additionally, legislation is currently in process to address surprise billing for out-of-network hospital costs.  


Higher Quality of Life:

  • Georgia needs to create and maintain public policies that will allow our educational system to be more innovative and flexible while empowering teachers and parents. Local control is vital in our school systems because those closest to the student know their needs best. This also applies to parents who are closest to their own children. Reforming Georgia’s education system is not only a critical investment in our students, but also our state’s future workforce and long-term economic success. 
  • In 2006, I initiated the creation of the City of Milton to provide greater control over quality of life issues to residents. I capped the property tax mileage rate and offered a new senior exemption to assure residents would not pay more than they previously paid for local services to Fulton County. Voters approved a referendum by 85%.
  • Job creation is critical to keeping Georgia competitive in attracting industries and new businesses. I’m committed to state reforms that encourage job creation that provides meaningful employment opportunities for our citizens and their families. This takes thoughtful leadership coupled with the ability to provide a true business-friendly environment and a vision that attracts new jobs. Georgia is the #1 state in which to do business, and it’s on us to keep it that way!