Abbreviated Bio Information

First elected to office in 2003, Representative Jan Jones has distinguished herself as a passionate advocate for changing lives and increasing economic opportunities through improved public education and government closer to the people. Additionally, she has consistently voted to reduce government spending and shrink the state budget.

Jan was overwhelmingly re-elected Speaker Pro Tem, on January 12, 2015, the second highest position in the Georgia House of Representatives.  She proudly serves House District 47 in northwest Fulton, covering Milton, Mountain Park and portions of Roswell and Alpharetta.


Born in Warner Robins, Speaker Pro-Tem Jones has lived in Fulton County for 25 years. She graduated with a B.A. from the University of Georgia and an M.B.A. in Finance from Georgia State University. A former marketing executive for Home Box Office, she also owned and operated a small business.

She and her husband, Kalin, have four children.The family worships at Northpoint Community Church in Alpharetta.

Extended Bio Information

Speaker Pro-Tem Jones has authored a wide variety of legislation including bills to bring local control, transparency and accountability to government.  Several of her legislative accomplishments have been geared toward reforming our educational system to become more innovative and flexible.

Georgia’s K-12 and higher education systems are not only a critical investment in our students, but also the state’s future workforce and long-term economic success.

Jones has authored and secured passage legislation including:

2014:  Authored HB 990 to require a vote of the state legislature prior to expanding Medicaid through an increase in the income threshold.  Without this bill, a future governor could have unilaterally made the decision.

2012:  Authored HR 1162, a constitutional amendment to allow a state charter commission to approve and fund state charter schools and wrote House Bill 770 to implement it.  Georgia voters approved the amendment by 58% in the General election, paving the way for more educational opportunities for children statewide.

2009: Authored HB 149, Move On When Ready Act, which allows 11th and 12th grade students to leave their assigned high schools and attend a college or technical school to complete graduation requirements while earning college credit.

2008: Provided more public school choices to families by authoring HB 881, which created an independent authorizing commission to approve public charter schools and assure equitable funding. The legislation has been recognized nationally as a model for improving public education.

2007: Required utility companies to itemize city-imposed franchise fees on customer bills to bring greater transparency and accountability to taxes.

Gave parents a greater voice in public education by making all 2000-plus local school councils parent-majority and designating a parent as chair.

2006: Passed a charter bill creating the city of Milton to bring more local control to 20,000 residents in her district.

2004: Created a trafficking offense with a mandatory minimum sentence for the drug Ecstasy, which is primarily sold to children and young adults.

2003: Required cities, counties and school boards to abide by local land disturbing ordinances, including tree ordinances.

Additionally, she has introduced each biennial session a resolution to re-create Milton County. The constitutional amendment would allow Georgians through a voter referendum to decide if historically-merged counties may be re-created.  The only two remaining previously-merged counties in Georgia are Milton County in north Fulton and Campbell County in south Fulton.