May/June Results from Constituent Newsletter Reply Card

June 20, 2012

Thank you to the many constituents that filled out a Reply Card from my May newsletter and mailed it back with answers to questions of interest to House District 46.

House District 46 covers northwest Fulton, including parts of Milton, Roswell, Alpharetta and Mountain Park. The district will be re-numbered to House District 47 in January as a result of re-districting.

Property Tax Rate Cap

Do you support capping the property tax rate for Fulton County as the average rate of all counties bordering it? It would result in a 20% reduction and would not affect city or school board rates.

99% in favor

Public Charter Schools

Our November Ballot will ask voters to amend the Constitution of Georgia to allow state or local approval of public charter schools when the communities request them. Do you support more educational opportunities through charter schools?

78% in favor

County Government Reform

Until sufficient votes exist in the legislature to recreate Milton County, do you support scaling back the responsibilities and spending of Fulton County?
99% in favor.


What is THE most important state-related issue to you and your family?

Constituents penciled in the following responses as THE most important issue to them. Almost two-thirds of respondents listed one of the first two issues as the most important.

1. Re-create Milton County – 34%
2. Lower taxes – 30%
3. Economy- 10%
4. Illegal immigration – 7%
5. Education – 7%
6. Transportation – 7%
7. State’s water rights – 3%
8. Ethics – 1%
9. Atlanta airport concession process – 1%.