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2013 Legislative Blog Update 3/6/13

2013 Legislative Blog Update

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

I want to tell you about six bills that the north Fulton House members passed recently in an effort to bring greater accountability and efficiency to Fulton County:

HB 171 would reapportion the Fulton County Commission into six districts, with one at-large chair. An open seat would be created in northwest Fulton.

HB 346 would change the office of tax commissioner from an elected position to an appointed one on the Fulton County Commission. The bill also prohibits the tax commissioner from receiving any compensation other than the salary, expense reimbursements, and benefits provided by Fulton County.

HB 347 would revise the appointment method for members of the Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections.

HB 437 would establish the selection process for the chief judge of the Atlanta Judicial Circuit and enumerate the chief judge’s duties.

HB 441 would allow the court administrator of the Fulton County Superior Court to have oversight over the court’s budget, and it would give him or her the authority to make changes to line-item appropriations, with the chief judge’s consent.

HB 442 would give the court administrator of the Fulton County State Court the same respective powers over it.  

HB 435 would change the duties of the chief judge of the Fulton County State Court.

HB 443 would establish the election process for the chief judge of the Fulton County Magistrate Court.

HB 444 would provide a modest supplement to the salaries of the Fulton County Superior Court judges to bring them more in line with other large counties.

In addition, north Fulton House members introduced further legislation this week, to be voted on soon, and several more bills are in process.

Rep. Willard introduced HB 526 to provide for the development of the North Fulton Regional Radio System, which will facilitate public safety and public service for Sandy Springs, Roswell, Milton, and Alpharetta.

I introduced a revised version of the Fulton County Homestead Exemption bill, which will provide for a referendum to increase the homestead exemption from $30,000 to $60,000 over three years.

As always, I look forward to hearing from my constituents, so feel free to visit me at the Capitol, call my office at 404-656-5072, or contact me through my Facebook page, facebook.com/janjonesforgeorgia.


 Jan Jones

State Representative

District 47, Fulton County   

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