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The Georgia General Assembly made school safety an even higher priority this legislative session. We added $16 million to the state budget to enhance local school board security measures. Additionally, the House created a study committee on school security to evaluate where we are as a state and our next steps. The House Study Committee on School Security held its first meeting in Dawson County earlier this week. The members and presenters discussed ways our state is leading the charge on better school climates, in addition to new programs or resources that will allow our schools to improve even more. Georgia is committed to safe schools for students and teachers, and this study committee is the next step as we explore all options. I want to thank all school administrators and law enforcement officials for participating in these meetings to make Georgia a safer place to live, work, and study. You can read more in the AJC here:
Great Budget and Legislative Year for Public Schools by Rep. Brooks Coleman Chair of the House Education Committee I am providing you with the following budget and legislative information, as passed by the House, that may be used by you to communicate with your constituents, school boards, and superintendents. The total amount of new money appropriated for education in the Amended Fiscal Year 2013 Budget and the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget combined is more than $394 million, plus an additional $244 million in bonds. The Governor has also protected the core funding formulas, QBE and Equalization, from cuts over the last two years while other agencies were required to take significant reductions. Fiscal Year 14 Budget Highlights HB 106, the FY 2014 budget, provides $146.5 million to fully fund Quality Basic Education (QBE) enrollment growth of 1.4% for 23,922 students, as well as training and experience for teachers. While state agencies had to submit budget reductions of 3%, there were...READ MORE