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Fulton County State Reps File Suit Against Fulton County Commission for Property Tax Rate Increase ATLANTA— Six Fulton County state representatives and one former state representative  announced today that they have filed legal suit to seek a preliminary and permanent injunction against the Fulton County Commission to stop a 17 percent property tax rate increase.  The legislators said that the increase violates measures outlined in House Bill 604, which they sponsored during the 2013 legislative session. “We regret having to take this action, but the Fulton County Commission voted to increase property taxes contrary to state law and property taxpayers’ best interests.  We’re committed to upholding state law and the Georgia Constitution and protecting Fulton County taxpayers,” said Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones, primary author of House Bill 604. Plaintiffs of the suit are State Representatives Jan Jones (R-Milton), Harry Geisinger (R-Roswell), Lynne Riley (R-Johns Creek), Joe Wilkinson (R-Atlanta), Chuck Martin (R-Alpharetta) and Wendell Willard (R-Sandy Springs) and former State...READ MORE
Fulton County – 2013 Legislation By Representative Jan Jones Speaker Pro Tem The message to Fulton County residents is clear: Our county needs reform. In response, the Georgia General Assembly recently passed a package of thirteen reform bills that pertain only to Fulton County.  Several others that affect north Fulton cities were also approved. Republican House members crafted, introduced and passed the legislation as part of a reform package designed to improve Fulton County’s efficiency and effectiveness.  Republican Senators carried the last of the bills to final passage on Day 39 of the 40-day legislative session. One important measure that would increase the county homestead exemption passed the House by the required two-thirds majority but was not put to a vote on the Senate floor.  Hopefully, it will pass the Senate next year in time for a referendum to be put before the voters in 2014. Since Fulton County is Georgia’s capitol county and home to 10 percent of the...READ MORE
Dear Fulton: Cut Your Waste By Jan Jones Speaker Pro Tem Georgia House of Representatives Note: An abbreviated version of the following editorial appeared in the Friday, 3/22 edition of the AJC. As a 30-year Fulton resident both in Atlanta and north Fulton, I’ve shared my neighbors’ frustration with an unwieldy county government lacking competence on critical services only it can perform – and that nearby counties perform well. No wonder residents voted for A Government of Their Own by margins of 85 percent not long ago to create Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Milton and Chattahoochee Hills. The result: better service levels at lesser cost. These stunning, swift changes bear a message for all Georgians: thoughtful but bold change and a strong stomach can fix vexing problems in our communities. Alas, when it comes to Fulton courts, elections, jails and other county services, citizens continue to have marginalized voices – and marginal services at staggeringly disproportionate costs. Since Fulton takes...READ MORE
PROPOSED NEW RULES OF THE FULTON COUNTY HOUSE DELEGATION ARTICLE I ORGANIZATION Section 1: Membership.  The membership of the Fulton County House Delegation (the “Delegation”) in the Georgia House of Representatives shall consist of the duly elected Representatives whose geographic districts contain any portion of Fulton County, Georgia. Section 2: Officers.  The Officers of the Delegation shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary, who shall be elected by roll call vote from the membership at the organizational meeting. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Delegation. The Chairman shall sign the certification that legislation has been considered in conformity with the rules of the Fulton County House Delegation.  The Vice-Chairman shall preside at all duly called meetings where the Chairman is not in attendance.  The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Delegation, and serve all notices of the Delegation. Section 3:  Rules of Order.  The Delegation shall be governed by the rules adopted and included herein.  In...READ MORE
House Bill 990 received final passage yesterday and is headed to Governor Deal’s desk.  I authored the legislation to wrap up outstanding items between Fulton County and Milton, Johns Creek and Sandy Springs. Sen. John Albers carried the bill in the Senate. The bill assures transfer of 42-acre Providence Park to Milton upon completed remediation of a limited hazardous waste site (oil barrel leakage into soil and water).  It transfers approximately $100,000 to each of Milton and Johns Creek and resulting from prior taxes owed when the areas were unincorporated. And finally, the legislation facilitates the transfer of eight cell tower contracts to the new cities.  The towers are located on fire station and park properties in Milton (1), Johns Creek (3), Sandy Springs (5).  Within five years and after all contract renewals, the total revenue to the cities will be about $250,000.